What's Making Your Dog Throw Up Green Vomit

It's important to find out what's making your dog throw up vomit that's green in color, because it may be a sign of a severe condition. You will have to differentiate vomiting from regurgitation by determining where the vomit stems from. If your pet throws up and the vomit comes out of the esophagus, it is regurgitation; if the food comes out with a forceful contraction of stomach muscles, it is known as vomiting.

What to Watch For

If the pet vomits occasionally and is still alert and active, there is no need to panic. Many dogs vomit after they eat something that is not part of their regular diet. However, if your pet vomits frequently and appears sick, conduct a vet check as soon as possible. Your vet will need to know when the vomiting started, how frequent it is and what the vomit looks like.

Causes of Vomit

Some causes of vomiting include gastric problems, diet changes, food allergies, intestinal infection, consumption of garbage, viral infections, toxins and tumors. Other causes of vomiting are associated with inflammation in the bowel, colitis, pancreatitis, liver or kidney diseases, septicemia and ulcers. Sometimes your pet may throw up frothy yellowish bile if he hasn't eaten his meals and his stomach has been empty for a few hours.  

Green Vomit

Green vomit is often caused by mucous in the pet's body. Conversely, if the dog has eaten green houseplants or grass, he is likely to throw up green vomit. Some houseplants can be poisonous and if you find that the leaves of such plants have been eaten, seek medical help quickly.

Stomach Infections

If your dog's vomit contains more mucous and less food particles, it would mean that he has an infection of the intestinal tract or stomach. The food he consumed did agree with him initially, but did not agree with his system during digestion. This brings out the green vomit. Make sure you know the cause of green vomit.

If it's caused by plants or leaves that aren't poisonous, it's best that the pet throws up the leaves he has ingested. This will solve the problem and the dog will be back to normal in a few hours. Give your pet access to plenty of fresh water at such times, in order to prevent dehydration.

Diagnosis of Stomach Infections

If the green vomit is accompanied by other symptoms, the pet maybe suffering from an infection. An infection will usually cause frequent vomiting along with dehydration. It's important to conduct a vet check promptly because the condition can prove fatal if left untreated.

The vet will perform a thorough physical exam, and evaluate the pet's diet, medical history and the other symptoms exhibited. Blood tests and X-rays may be performed if necessary.

Treatment Options for Green Vomit:

  • Keep him away from houseplants or grass.
  • Give your pet bland food.
  • Give smaller quantities of food a few times a day, or withhold food for a few hours.
  • Give him cold and fresh water or ice cubes at regular intervals.
  • Collect the vomit and have it tested.
  • Rule out inflammations or infections.
  • Consider changing the dog's diet very gradually.

Vomiting can be treated with home remedies in the initial stages. However, you need to make sure you take your dog to the vet if he continues vomiting for more than 24 hours. Watch for warning signs such as a distended abdomen, listlessness, pale gums and projectile vomiting. Immediate diagnosis and treatment will cure your dog and free him from potentially serious illnesses.