Whelping Box Usage

A whelping box is an easy to way to keep your newborn puppies and their mother safe and comfortable during birth and in the weeks immediately following birth. Read on to learn more about the advantages of a whelping box, and how to use one.

Whelping Boxes Explained

A whelping box provides a secure, comfortable environment for your pregnant dog to give birth a care for her newborn puppies. A whelping box has walls high enough to keep the puppies safely inside, and usually has an opening for the mother to step in and out with ease. Most whelping boxes have a system of rails or cushioning around the inside of the walls to keep the mother from accidentally squashing her puppies.

Whelping boxes come in different sizes to suit different sizes of dogs. Your mother dog should be able to lie down comfortably inside the whelping box, and she should be able to stretch out in order to nurse her puppies. The box should be small enough in size to keep your dog's puppies close together and close to their mother. Newborn puppies need the warm and security of snuggling with each other and their mother.

Benefits of a Whelping Box for Mothers and Newborn Puppies

One of the primary benefits of using a whelping box is that it makes giving birth and caring for newborn puppies less stressful for your dog. Your dog will know that she has a safe place in which to give birth, and won't need to worry about finding one under the bed or behind the couch. Whelping boxes are generally safer than alternatives, such as cardboard boxes, which can deteriorate, and baskets, which can allow puppies to roll out.

A whelping box can help contain the mess that often occurs when dogs give birth, making it easier to clean up after your dog and her newborns. Whelping boxes can be lined with disposable pads for hygiene, and can be warmed with heating pads for your puppies' safety and comfort. Whelping boxes can usually be sanitized and reused repeatedly.

Training Your Dog to Use a Whelping Box

Your pregnant dog will need a few weeks to become accustomed to the whelping box before she gives birth. Your dog won't give birth in the whelping box unless she is already thinking of it as a safe, secure, comfortable place. Place the whelping box in a private, quiet location and encourage your pregnant dog to sleep in it for a few weeks before she gives birth. If your dog won't sleep in the whelping box, show it to her often and encourage positive associations by stroking, petting, talking softly and feeding treats to your dog while she relaxes in the whelping box.

Choosing a Whelping Box

There are many whelping boxes available on the market. Choose one that's the right size for your dog and her puppies. Make sure the whelping box has safety features, such as rails or padding, for the puppies.