Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

The question of why do dogs eat grass is certainly open-ended and up for debate. There is currently no scientific proof behind why dogs eat grass, but there are several existing theories that try to answer the question. For the most part, many veterinarians and dog owners have different views on exactly why dogs exhibit this behavior. Here are some of the ideas about why dogs eat grass:

To Induce Vomiting

Most dog owners will notice that after their dog eats grass, especially large amounts, they vomit. While the act of vomiting is usually not severe, it does seem to commonly occur after ingesting grass. The theory on this is unproven but still entertains the idea that dogs purposely eat grass to induce vomiting.

The large debate on this topic is surrounded by the idea of whether a dog is actually smart enough to know that grass will cause him to vomit. Modern veterinary science has not been able to come up with a conclusive answer to this thought, but there is still the possibility that an innate instinct exists which would cause a dog to eat grass to relieve the pain of an upset stomach.

Pleasure and Taste

There are some veterinarians and dog owners who reside on the side of pleasure and taste as the main reason that dogs eat grass. Most people who have seen their dog eat grass have noticed that they go after it as if they actually enjoy the taste. After all, most dogs would probably not eat it if they did not like the taste. Still, even if dogs like the taste of grass, they inevitably end up vomiting because of it.

That brings up the other side of the debate. Would dogs continue to eat grass for enjoyment if it ended up causing them to feel sick? Again, there is no scientific proof or reasoning here, but most dog owners maintain that they suspect their dog actually has a general liking for the taste of grass.

An Innate Behavior

There is always the theory that dogs eat grass as part of innate behavior. Many years ago, before dogs became domesticated animals, they roamed the fields in packs in search of food. Dogs have always been carnivores, or meat eaters, by nature, and they were usually on the hunt for some type of meat. However, if there was no meat to be found, they would have no other choice but to eat the grass that was available to them. With this thought in mind, there are many people who believe that eating grass is an innate behavior that has survived the evolution of the species.