Working Dog Insurance

Working dog insurance is a safety net for the dog owner.  The term of working dog can refer to any dog that performs tasks assisting a human but can also refer to certain breeds.

Whether your dog is a ranch dog, a gundog, a service dog or a therapy dog, the liabilities as well as the costs involved by the dog's getting injured are different from those of regular pets. Because working dogs are exposed to different and more stressful environments, the owner is more vulnerable to liabilities. Also, a working dog's training can take months to years, which make him almost irreplaceable, so in many cases, the death or injury of such a dog is a great financial loss.

Insurance for Working Breed Dogs

Working breed dogs such as Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers are bred to be very protective, powerful and agile.

For insurance companies they are on the list of dangerous breeds and the premium costs will be higher; certain insurers may refuse coverage.

Terriers, bred to hunt and kill and are known to be very aggressive if they feel cornered, as well as German Shepherds that, as herding dogs, are suspicious of strangers, are also on the list of dangerous breeds.

Insurance for Service Dogs

Dogs that help disabled people with various tasks are considered service dogs. This category also includes guide dogs and hearing dogs. Service dogs are allowed in areas that are normally restricted to pets and have special rights.

Many companies offer insurance for service dogs as they become more and more popular as a means for disabled people.

These dogs are extremely valuable due to the benefits they bring to their owner and also because of the training they have undergone, which makes them hard to replace. Therefore, having them covered by insurance is essential.

When insuring your service dog it is advisable to opt for a full medical insurance.

Your service dog should have his checkups twice a year and receive preventative for heartworm.

If you got the service dog from an organization where he also received his training, he is most probably insured and you will only have to get informed on the insurance plan and ideally continue with that. Some organizations will also pay the premium for service dogs. However, if you have to pay it yourself, you may be able to obtain a discount, as many insurance companies will offer a discount for service dogs.

Insurance for Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are trained to give comfort and entertain people in hospitals, retirement homes or disaster areas. They are not considered service dogs.

If a dog owner wants his dog to become a therapy dog, insurance is compulsory. To obtain insurance for a therapy dog, the owner can either sign up with a professional organization and become certified, thus getting coverage that has already been arranged by the organization, or get the coverage through an insurance broker. Insurance companies will sometimes give discounts for therapy dogs as well.