3 Recommended Cat Exercise Toys

Cat exercise toys can help cats get a proper workout daily, which will make a cat healthier, leaner and less likely to come down with serious medical conditions. Cat toys can also help owners bond with their cats. Cat owners who wish to engage their pets in play should own the following types of cat toys:

1. Fishing Rod/Wand Cat Toy

The classic cat exercise toy that's both perfect for enticing a cat and for owners and cats to bond with one another. These toys consist of a rod attached to a long "whip-like" fabric (really, a safe piece of material such as a felt or thin strips of soft leather) or attached to a string at the end of which is another cat toy, "fishing rod" style.

The rod allows the owner to hold his hand a safe distance away from the cat, who, if sufficiently excited, will be jumping and batting at the material or toy and may be a little dangerous to be too near. The rod makes it possible to entice the cat to run around a room or to jump up after the toy.

2. Spring Toys

Plastic-coated springs designed as cat exercise toys can exercise and entertain a cat in multiple ways. Some cats can play with springs on their own; the toys' bouncy nature makes it simple for a cat to swat the toy across the floor, see it ricochet off of a wall or piece of furniture and chase it across the room again.

The toys are also easy for a cat to carry in her mouth. She can carry the toys to her owner and get praise for her successful capture of the "prey." The owner can then play a game of fetch with the cat by throwing the spring toy for the cat to chase every time the cat brings the spring toy back.

3. Laser Toys (with Caveat)

Laser cat exercise toys are similar to the wand toys in that they allow the owner to control what his cat is chasing. However, the laser allows for much greater distances, as the owner can shine the little light clear across a room. The owner also doesn't have to get up from a chair himself, making it easier for the owner to multitask if necessary. T

he owner should guide the light slowly across the room, making sure not to raise it too high or the cat will want to jump where she can't usually reach. The owner should also be careful not to point the light at the cat's eyes or the eyes of any human. He should also be warned that some animals may spend hours staring at an area (such as a vent or under a couch) into which the light has appeared to "disappear" if that's where the owner ends the play.

Many owners will find that homemade cat exercise toys can be as effective as store-bought ones. Anything that's not dangerous for the cat that gets her moving around will give her a healthy amount of exercise.