Four Pet Cat Toys That Encourage Exercise

For your new pet, cat toys are necessary for exercise and development. Kittens require activity and interaction to prevent aggressive cat behavior and form a bond with their owners.

Every kitten owner should buy four specific pet cat toys. It is common for pet owners to let their kittens wrestle their hands. Avoid this behavior, as it can lead to cat bites. Toys provide beneficial activities without risking any injuries to a pet owner.

A Laser Light

Kittens and cats love laser mice. Laser pens also work, but pet stores sell laser mice for a few dollars, making them extremely affordable. These devices shine a bright red dot that kittens love chasing. Many pets relieve cat stress by running up and down hallways or around rooms chasing the red dot.

Cat Climbing Trees

Kittens and cats love to climb. It's important to find a safe alternative so that they do not damage your curtains or furniture. Cat trees offer carpeted poles, platforms and cabins where a cat can perch or hide.

Corrugated Cardboard Scratch Pad

Appease a kitten's need to actively scratch by purchasing a cardboard scratch pad. These self-contained pads come with a packet of catnip to lure a cat into using it. The cats learn to shred the cardboard instead of your carpeting or furniture.

Durable Play Balls

Balls provide kittens with the chance to play by themselves. Look for balls that do not break if accidentally stepped on and that contain jingle bells or catnip.