5 Protective Features of a Dog Jacket

A dog jacket is an accessory that some owners choose for their pets. Not all dogs require a jacket, as some may be able to keep warm enough even during the cold seasons. However, there are a number of dog breeds that may not be able to adapt to colder weather, especially when the temperatures get below zero. A dog jacket should have a number of protective features that will keep the dog warm and dry.

1. Provide Warmth

A dog jacket is most commonly chosen by pet owners to provide warmth for the pet during the colder months. Certain dog breeds may not be able to adjust their body temperature to colder weather and may be extremely cold when outside during the winter months. Some dogs are also exposed to getting sick if they spend time outside and they are not protected by a jacket. The cool weather may weaken the immune system of the pet.

The jackets may be made of materials such as cotton, wool or fleece, which will keep the dog warm. However, you need to make sure that the dog is not too warm, because this can cause a fast overheating of the system and may lead to a heat stroke, which can result in seizures, coma and possibly death.

2. Reflection at Night

Most jackets designed for canines will provide reflection at night, to make your dog visible in the dark and protect him from various dangers, such as vehicles when crossing the street. It is important to have a jacket with reflective materials, especially if you are taking your pet on walks when it's dark outside.

3. Protection from Water

A waterproof dog jacket is ideal if you're taking your pet out and he likes to play in the snow or step in puddles. If the materials used in the making of the dog jacket are waterproof, your dog will be protected from water. He will be warm and dry even if playing in the snow or getting in water.

4. Non-Allergenic Materials

Dog jackets may be made of various materials. It is highly important to get a jacket that is made of a material your dog is not allergic to. For instance, many dogs are allergic to wool, so you may want to choose a cotton jacket. If your dog is prone to developing allergies, you should get some tests done (i.e., intradermal testing) prior to buying a jacket.

5. Safe for the Pet

A dog jacket should be safe for the pet; this means that the materials it is made from will not hurt the dog. Make sure that if the jacket has Velcro, this will not come in contact with the dog's fur, which can entangle the fur or irritate the skin. The jacket should be fitted on the pet, but it shouldn't choke him, so make sure it is loose enough.