Waterproof Dog Coat Features

Rain and snow won't stop your dog from needing to go outside, so you might want to consider a waterproof dog coat for your pet during the rainy and snowy winter months.

Benefits of Dog Coats

Some people might think because their dog has longer fur, they aren't at risk for the dangers of cold and/or wet/icy weather, but the opposite is true. Because of their longer fur, water gets trapped close against the skin without being given the chance to dry quickly.

Dog jackets are a great way to not only keep your pet dry, but to ensure they stay clean. These can greatly decrease the need to give your dog a bath when you bring him inside after a walk. Rather than be muddy and dripping wet everywhere, his fur will have been kept dry and clean by his coat.

For snowy climates, dog coats help prevent snow from "snowballing" up into your dog's fur. This can cause a number of problems, including frostbite. Full-body coats for your dog are the best bet to protect against this.


Some materials will be heavier and denser than others, and some serve more than one purpose.

  • Fleece is a common material used, usually in the lining of dog coats. It is warm and soft, while not being too constrictive of a material against your dog's fur and skin.
  • Quilted coats are, as a general rule, on the more affordable scale of dog coats. These come in a variety of styles and designs, and are usually filled with thick padding. While warm, these might not be the most comfortable for your dog because of how bulky they can sometimes be.
  • Nylon is another good waterproof material, although unless it is padded, may not be ideal for cold weather. Rather than absorb the water, the rain will roll off of the nylon instead. The downside is that Nylon can be a little flimsy, and might tear easier than other materials.
  • Microfiber is becoming increasingly popular. This material has the benefit of being a bit thinner, while still being warm, soft, as well as wind-resistant and water-resistant.

Colors of Waterproof Dog Coats

Colors and designs can seem limitless. There are a wide variety of online boutiques dedicated to nothing but coats for dogs, in colors such as black, blue, hunter green, apple red, orange, etc.

Designs of Waterproof Coats

Is your dog a hunting dog? Does he just go out in the rain on his walks? Does he like to play in the lakes, pools or ponds? Or is he going out into the snow? These things play a part in the type of coat you should get.

For the sake of affordability, a simple thick, puffy quilted design can keep your dog dry on his walks, but might be bulky and uncomfortable for him. It will serve your purpose, but if you want your dog to have a wider range of movement, you'll want to consider something higher-grade. Slim design, water and windproof jackets can run upwards of $50 to $90, but usually last longer, do better at keeping out the water, and fit snuggly in a way that does not prohibit your dog's movement so much.