How to Adopt a Shelter Dog

When you adopt a shelter dog, you make a lasting commitment to care for that new family pet. Shelter dogs come from a variety of situations, so it's best to take your time when choosing a shelter dog as a pet.

Check Dog Rescues' Websites

Before driving to area rescues, look at their websites. By viewing the list of available dogs, you save time and mileage. Plus, you become able to create a list of strong possibilities before heading out to meet the animal.

Completing the Paperwork

Most animal shelters require a home inspection before you adopt a shelter dog. Provide information about your pets and the name of your veterinarian. If this is your first pet, they'll want to make sure you really understand the responsibility you are about to undertake.

Most animal shelters are looking for:

  • Yard space or a nearby park where the dog will get exercise
  • Financial ability to pay for food, medications and veterinary care
  • Positive experience with prior animals

Take Advantage of a Trial Adoption

Dog rescues offer trial adoptions. Always take advantage of these trials. You bring the dog you've chosen into your home for a long weekend or a full week. This gives you time to see how well the dog adapts to your children, pets, home and friends. You also find out if the dog has troublesome quirks like separation anxiety, digging or barking.