Tips for Choosing Rescue Pets for Adoption

There are numerous rescue pets in adoption centers, and many don't find a home. If you are considering a pet, you should look into the possibility of getting a rescue pet. If you decide to get one, it is important that you visit several adoption centers and get a pet that will make you happy.

Prepare for the Animal Shelter Visits

Prepare by deciding on the type, size and gender of the pet you're considering, so that your search will be narrowed down. You should also consider the temperament and the energy level of the pet, as this should be suitable for your lifestyle.

Visit Animal Shelters

Locate a few animal shelters in your area and visit these, so that you can take a look at the pets that you could adopt. Take your time, because adopting a pet should not be a hasty decision. Make sure to visit all shelters in your area before making a decision, even if your heart is set on a pet you've seen at the first shelter.

Ask Questions

In order to make a well informed decision, you will have to ask a few questions about the pets you are considering. Ask about issues such as:

  • Exercise needs and energy level
  • Grooming
  • Any possible health issues or past health problems
  • Vaccination history (most rescue pets are vaccinated and neutered, but you can ask)
  • The temperament and personality of the pet

You may get various responses, but try to see if they are sincere. Be suspicious about a pet that sounds too good to be true. All rescue pets are abandoned due to personality reasons or health issues, and a large number of pets may have various issues. It's best if you are aware of these from the get go as you decide whether the pet is suitable for you or not.

Adopt the Pet for One Day

Many animal shelters will allow you to take a pet home for a day or a weekend. This can be a great time to see if you like the pet and if he is suitable for you and your family.

Prepare Your Home

Most pet adoptions will require a home visit, so that the adoption center sees that your home is suitable for pets. Not all centers require this procedure, but if the center you are visiting does so, this can be a sign the center is a reputable one and cares for the well being of the pets.

Discuss Paperwork and Fees

Adopting a rescue pet will involve some paperwork and fees. Fill out the application forms and make sure you have a reference and a vet's address at hand, because these may be asked when doing the paperwork. Some pets may be free, while others may cost a minimal sum or a donation for the shelter.