Advantages of Retractable Dog Leashes

Retractable dog leashes are often chosen by pet owners and have various benefits both for the pet and the owner. The dog will be able to move around more, while still on the leash. The owner can control the dog when he tends to get closer to dangerous areas or roads with traffic. Retractable dog leashes shouldn't be used if the dog is not properly loose leash trained.

Advantages of Retractable Dog Leashes

The retractable dog leashes can have benefits for the dog and the owner alike. A retractable leash has a handle and the leash can be extended and will coil back, according to the position of the dog. The advantages of the retractable dog leash include:

  • The dog can walk closer or farther away from you, so that he can sniff wherever he wants to, but will still be on the leash
  • You can control the length of the leash and stop your dog getting into trouble but pressing on the handle when you see your dog is approaching a dangerous area or a potentially damaging material that he wants to ingest
  • You don't have to use force to control your dog, the leash can be operated gently
  • There are several lengths available, so you can choose the retractable leash that is more convenient for you
  • You don't have to bend and unleash the dog, because the length of the leash will allow the dog to wander around as if he is off leash
  • You don't have to adjust the length of the leash manually
  • You don't have to unleash the dog and you won't have to chase him to catch him when it's time to go inside
  • With the help of a retractable leash, you may even be inside the house and let only the dog outside for him to urinate
  • The handle is comfortable
  • The leash makes the walk more enjoyable

Dog Leash Training

Leash training is an essential step of the dog training. The leash can be used to reinforce certain commands or to administer punishments. You will establish a common language using the leash and the dog will have to learn this language.

Before you get a retractable dog leash, you will have to leash train your dog. Get a fixed-length leash first and try to control your dog's behavior, establishing the basic commands and the signs for dos and don'ts.

Once the dog is used to the fixed-length leash and he responds well to your commands, you can try retractable dog leashes. However, during the first few days with the retractable leash, make sure you keep an eye on your pet at all times and try to master your dog using the same commands as with the normal leash. Avoid crowded areas and parks that are close to busy roads, because these can be dangerous if the dog is not yet used to the retractable leash.