Pet Supply Checklist

If you are looking for a pet supply checklist, you will have to pay attention to all details and the pet's needs. You may find numerous pet supplies in pet stores, but not all are essential for the pet's well being. You will have to differentiate between the necessary and the unnecessary supplies.


The food is probably among the first things you will need to purchase for your pet. Choose from wet or kibble food, but make sure the food is suitable for your dog's health condition and age. Should you decide to cook for your pet, get the ingredients you need from a trustworthy source. Get a few food bowls, which shouldn't be made of plastic, because this can irritate the skin or facilitate the accumulation of bacteria.

Pet Crate

The crate is a basic supply your pet will need. Even if he won't sleep in the crate, this can be used as a space of confinement, or a time out space. The crate is important when you transport the pet via air, rail or bus. When taking your pet to the veterinarian for checkups, the crate will also come in handy. Make sure the crate is comfortable, ventilated and is easy to carry. The size of the crate should allow your pet to stand up and move around it, so test the crate prior to buying it.

Collar and Leash

A collar is necessary for your pet, regardless of whether he's a cat or a dog. In many areas, it is compulsory to have a tag attached to the collar, containing the name and address of the pet, so that he can be identified if he gets lost.

A leash is important if you have a dog. The leash may be retractable, which will give you more control and will be more practical. Leashes are necessary for dogs when outside in most areas, except for certain parks and off leash areas. Make sure the leash you choose is comfortable for your dog and won't irritate his skin.

Toys for Your Pet

The pet will need to play, and some suitable chew toys can be great when he's bored. In addition, the toys may also have dental benefits, removing plaque and food residue, and preventing tartar deposits and gum disease. When choosing the toys, ensure that the size and roughness are suitable for your pet.

Supplies for Grooming

Cats and dogs need grooming and the brushes and combs will have to adapted to the pet's hair type and length. Scissors and nail trimmers may also be helpful tools when grooming your pet. Get some shampoos, powder, massage oil and moisturizing creams for your pet.

Litter Box

A litter box is essential for cats, because is the place where the cat will urinate and defecate. Choose the type of litter and make sure it is safe for you and your cat. Scoopable and biodegradable litter for pets is preferred.