Advantix for Cats

Advantix is a popular medicine for canine use only and is effective at eliminating fleas, mites, ticks and other parasites that live on a pet's skin. Advantix for cats does not exist, however.

Please note: If your cat has fleas or other pests, do not provide the canine form of Advantix to your cat. The medicine contains certain chemicals that your cat's body cannot break down and which may prove harmful or toxic. Read on for additional information about Advantix use in households with cats and alternative methods of treating feline parasite problems.

Using Advantix in a Home with Cats

If you have dogs and cats both, it is not advisable that you treat your dog's parasites with Advantix. While it is generally safe to do so, provided that your cat has no access to the medicine itself, there are other treatment alternatives that will pose no health risk for any of your pets whatsoever. If you do use canine Advantix in a home with cats, ensure that you apply the medicine to your dog while your cat does not have access to the area, and allow for the medicine to fully absorb into your dog's skin before allowing your cat back into the same room.

Advantage and Advantix

While Advantix is not approved for feline use, the same manufacturer has a similar product that is approved for both cats and dogs. Called Advantage, this product is effective at eliminating parasite infestations in cats and is perfectly safe for all of your pets.

Advantage is a topical ointment that can be applied to your cat's skin once per month. It relies upon the active ingredient imidacloprid, an insecticide that disrupts parasitic nervous systems. This chemical is effective at killing fleas in a short period of time, and Advantage eliminates the vast majority of living fleas on your pet's body within just a few hours of the initial application. It also acts to kill flea eggs before they hatch, but tends to not be as reliable in this regard. For this reason, and also because cats can contract flea infestations after the medicine itself has run its course, Advantage is designed for monthly applications.

Purchasing Advantage

Advantage is available through veterinary prescription and on the company website. It is best to work with your vet while your pet is suffering from a parasite infestation, in order to ensure that you properly address his symptoms and the underlying condition itself. Advantage is typically available in two doses; the smaller dose is for young cats and animal