K9 Advantix Side Effects

K9 Advantix provides protection against biting flies, fleas and ticks. While generally safe for most pets, there are some dogs that develop reactions to the medication. Knowing the common and rare side effects allows you to monitor your pet after administering the medication so that you can get veterinary treatment if a reaction occurs.

Ingredients in K9 Advantix

Imidacloprid and permethrin are key ingredients in Advantix. Combined the medications are extremely effective against fleas, lice, ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies and other biting flies. However, permethrin is harmful to humans, cats, fish and even bees. Never let your dog swim in a river, pond or lake until two days have passed to ensure the permethrin does not get into the water. Exposure to permethrin can kill fish and other aquatic creatures.

Imidacloprid is an insecticide resembling nicotine. Studies find it affects honeybees, so don't use it near bee hives. In addition, it has found to affect thyroid function in rats at high dosages. Concerned pet owners may want to have thyroid function tested periodically or choose a different flea and tick medication.

Side Effects of Advantix for Dogs

Generally, no dogs given the correct dosage of K9 Advantix ever had any adverse effects. However, some dogs do have a sensitivity to the medication and develop skin irritation after the medication is applied. Dogs with sensitive skin may roll around and try to rub the medication off on furniture or bedding. A red, irritated patch, looks like a burn, may appear at the application site.

A small percentage of dogs develop unusual behavior after the medication has been applied. This includes running around in circles, panting excessively or simply seem disinterested in activity. If this occurs, call your veterinarian. Many of these symptoms clear up after a dose of Benadryl, but you should ask for veterinary advice before taking this route.

K9 Advantix and Puppies, Elderly or Pregnant Dogs

Do not use Advantix on puppies under seven weeks of age or that weight less than three pounds. The permethrin dosages in dogs that small may cause an overdose.

If you suspect your dog may be pregnant, ask your vet before you give your dog the dosage of K9 Advantix. The same goes for elderly or sick dogs. In many cases, it's safer to avoid using the medications in Advantix for the time being.

Warnings for K9 Advantix for Households with Cats

Advantix should never be used on cats. Cats do not process the medications within Advantix in the same manner dogs do. Poisoning can occur if you use it on your cat. In addition, if your cat ingests the medication, death can occur. Seek immediate veterinary care if you believe your cat has been exposed to the medication.

If you have a multiple pet household, separating your dogs after application is advised. The best method for separation is to apply the medication at night and then either crate your dog or put your cat in a room with a closed door. Keep them separated overnight to prevent the cat from ingesting any of the medication while grooming your dog.