Aggressive Dog Behavior Training: Eliminate Biting and Barking

Sometimes dogs that have a tendency to bite, or a bad habit of aggressive biting, need aggressive dog behavior training. Barking can irritate you and your neighbors, or cause a fight with another dog. Biting can lead to serious injuries, having to pay large medical bills, and possibly having to put your dog to sleep.

Eliminate Aggressive Biting

Train your dog not to bite using methods such as spray bottles every time the dog bites. You can also buy cans that, when shaken, make a very loud noise that alarms the dog. Physically holding the dog's mouth shut every time he bites is another option, though not recommended for all dogs. In extreme cases, you may need to muzzle your dog if he insists on biting.

Avoid playing any rough-and-tumble games where biting is involved. Consistency is the key to teaching your dog not to bite. He'll become confused if some times it's okay and other times it isn't.

Reduce Irritating and Dangerous Barking

Find the root of the reason why your dog is barking. Dogs always bark for a reason and these reasons can include fear, frustration, anger and boredom.

Avoid leaving your dog alone for extended periods of time to prevent boredom-related barking. Consider sending your dog to a "doggie daycare" or hiring someone to visit your dog. To prevent frustration-related barking, keep everything he likes-such as water and food dishes and toys and treats-within reach.

Remove your dog from other animals or humans, like teasing children, who may bother him. Exterior stimulus usually causes aggressive barking, so find the stimulus and remove it to prevent the barking.