Allerderm for Dogs

Allerderm is a product line of dermatology products designed for dogs and cats and available from your veterinarian. Let’s look at the product line in more detail and the conditions for which they are most commonly prescribed.

What Allerderm Products Do To Help Your Dog

Allerderm Spot-On provides topical support to heal and rebuild a pet’s skin following certain medical conditions. Allerderm Spot-On is a liquid that’s applied to a dog’s clean, dry skin to help it heal from certain skin diseases. It is applied as directed by your veterinarian after the skin disease first appears, and then may be used to maintain the dog’s healthy skin on a monthly basis.

Allerderm also offers three nutritional supplements, Allerderm EFA-Z Plus, Allerderm EFA-CAPS HP and Allerderm EFA-CAPS, that provide essential fatty acids to help a dog’s body fight the effects of certain chronic conditions and improve the health of his hair and skin.

What Conditions May Benefit from Allerderm Products

Allerderm products are designed to help dogs with two main dermatological conditions: allergic dermatitis and keratoseborrheic disorders.

The first, allergic dermatitis, is characterized by frequent scratching to alleviate a persistent itch on the dog. Possible causes for the itching can include atopic allergies, contact allergies, flea allergies or food allergies. Allerderm products recommended for this condition include Allerderm Spot-On, Allerderm EFA-CAPS HP and Allerderm EFA-CAPS.

The second, keratoseborrheic disorders, show themselves through changes in the dog’s coat condition. One problem, sicca, presents with white or grayish scales on the skin and a dull quality to the dog’s coat. Another, oleosa, presents with oily skin, yellowish fatty material on the skin and smelly ears. Allerderm products recommended for this condition include Allerderm EFA-Z Plus.

What Conditions May Benefit from Fatty Acid Supplements

Many veterinarians believe that supplementing a dog’s diet with certain fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and help a dog’s body better manage certain health conditions. There are two types of essential fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids include alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, while omega-6 fatty acids include linoleic acid, gamma linolenic acid, dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid and arachidonic acid.

Conditions that may benefit from the addition of essential fatty acids, such as those provided by Allerderm EFA-Z Plus, Allerderm EFA-CAPS HP and Allerderm EFA-CAPS, to your dog’s diet include

  • arthritis
  • dull coat
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • ulcerative colitis
  • yeast infections

Allerderm EFA-Z Plus contains omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E and zinc. Its ingredients include sunflower seed oil, fish oil and borage oil. The recommended dose for this product is two pumps per 15 pounds of body weight.

Allerderm EFA-CAPS HP and Allerderm EFA-CAPS contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in different concentrations. Allerderm EFA-CAPS HP contains 200 mg of omega-3 and 88 mg of omega-6 acids, while Allerderm EFA-CAPS contain 130 mg of omega-3 and 48 mg of omega-6 acids. Both products contain fish oil, borage oil, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. Dosage for these products is 1 capsule per 50 pounds of the dog’s body weight, and capsules can be opened and applied directly to the dog’s food.