Alprazolam for Dogs

When canine anxiety becomes an issue, veterinarians commonly prescribe Alprazolam for dogs. Dog owners have a lot of success with Alprazolam as an aide in modifying nervous or anxiety induced behaviors. Alprazolam, while a mild tranquilizer, is from the same class of drugs as Valium and should be used with care.

Common Uses of Alprazolam for Dogs

Alprazolam can be prescribed for short or extended duration anxiety relief. Dogs with situational anxieties, such as fear of storms or fireworks, can be given Alprazolam 30 to 60 minutes prior to expected stimuli to help control anxiety symptoms. Dogs with behavioral issues associated with their anxiety are often given Alprazolam for longer periods of time in order to work with the dog to eliminate their anxiety and the behavior associated with it.

Use Alprazolam with Caution

  • Alprazolam should not be prescribed for dogs with kidney or liver damage, glaucoma or are pregnant or lactating.
  • Dosages should be carefully managed. High doses for extended periods can cause addiction to the medication.
  • Dogs on Alprazolam for more than a couple of weeks should be weaned off the medication over several weeks in order to avoid seizures.
  • Alprazolam has become a useful tool in alleviating anxiety in the canine population. While it is effective, it should be used with care to avoid any negative side effects and provide help, not harm, to the dog.