Amitraz for Dogs

Amitraz is one of the best treatments available in veterinary medicine if your dog suffers from demodectic mange. Mange is caused by the presence of certain parasites on your pet's skin. These parasites consume dead skin cells and cause a number of problems for your pet's body, and they reproduce quickly which makes them very difficult to manage. Treatments like amitraz can help to kill off those parasites so that your pet's skin can return to its normal level of health.

Amitraz Overview

Amitraz is a topical anti-parasite cream. It functions by disrupting the nervous systems of individual mites and ticks that might be living on your pet's body. This process ends up killing the parasites, and your pet's skin eventually returns to its normal level of health. This drug is used in a variety of different brand name medicines, including Taktik, Preventic, and Mitaban. It has been developed for use in animals exclusively and is approved for this purpose by the Food and Drug Administration.

Using Amitraz For Your Pet

You'll need to get a prescription from your veterinarian in order to acquire Amitraz and use it for your pet. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from a parasitic infestation of some kind, or if he shows symptoms of having ticks or mange, take him to the vet for an immediate inspection. After determining that your dog is suffering from this type of condition, your vet will provide you with a prescription for amitraz or another similar drug.

Amitraz is available both as a topical solution that can be directly applied to your dog's skin and also in a tick collar. The collar has a lower concentration of the drug and is therefore not effective against full fledged mange cases. The exact dosing schedule and how much of the ointment you'll need to put on your pet's body will be dependent upon the location of the mange on his body as well as his age, weight and overall size. Be sure to follow your vet's instructions for caring for your pet's mange with amitraz as closely as possible so as to avoid the potential for side effects if you can.

Side Effects and Risks of Amitraz

Amitraz is generally considered safe for use in dogs, but it should under no circumstances be used on cats at any point. If your dog is younger than six months of age or suffers from diabetes, consult with your vet about these issues before you provide him with the medicine.

Some of the most common side effects that dogs experience while taking amitraz include the following:

  • Skin rashes
  • Sedation
  • Changes in appetite

If your pet ingests any of this medicine, it's crucial that you take him to a poison control or a veterinary emergency center as quickly as possible. Even small amounts of amitraz can be poisonous if ingested. Pay particular attention when providing the drug to small dogs for this reason.