Antibiotics For a Dog During Pregnancy: Three Dangers

Administering antibiotics for a dog during pregnancy can be risky. Some antibiotics and medications are safe for use during dog pregnancy. Here are some things to consider if your pregnant dog needs antibiotics.

Danger to the Fetuses

Any medication, including antibiotics, may put the fetuses at risk when administered during pregnancy. Antibiotics for dogs may cause deformation or even death of the fetus.

However, allowing your pregnant dog to suffer from bacterial infection without treatment could be just as dangerous, to both puppies and mother, and all will grow ill.

Danger to the Newborn Puppies

Newborn puppies are immunologically suppressed and should not be exposed to bacterial infections. Treating your pregnant dog with safe antibiotics before delivery eliminates the risk that newborn puppies will catch a bacterial infection from her.

Danger to the Mother

A bacterial infection such as strep or e. coli may be far more dangerous if left untreated than if treated with antibiotics. While it is best to refrain from giving all medications during pregnancy when possible, antibiotics for dogs may be necessary if your dog contracts a severe bacterial infection while pregnant.