Selecting and Applying Dog Ear Drops

The dog ear drops may be of two types: cleaning drops or dog ear infection drops. These drops help the healing of ear mites or ear infections.

Usually, ear drops prescribed for an infection will contain antibiotics. The ear drops for ear mites will contain insecticides. Anti-inflammatory components may be introduced in the ear drops to reduce any swelling. Ear drops containing natural components are also available for dogs that are allergic to antibiotics or chemicals.

What You'll Need

You will need the bottle of the prescribed ear drops, a towel, some paper tissues and a treat for after the treatment.

Hold Your Dog

You will need both hands to apply the ear drops so ask someone to help you hold your dog. Make your dog sit. The helper should hold his front legs down. If you don't have a helper, try using your body to hold your dog by placing him between your knees. Hold the dog gently and don't make any sudden moves. This may scare your dog and make him uncooperative.

You may also wrap your dog in a warm (dry) towel to soothe him and make it easier to hold him down.

Apply the Ear Drops

Before applying the medication, lift and hold your dog's ear between your thumb and index finger. Use the other hand to put the ear drops into the ear. Make sure not to touch your dog's ears with any parts of the ear drop bottle. The bottle might be cold and the startle your dog.

Massage the Ear

After applying the ear drops, hold the dog's ear with one hand while using the other to massage the area to make sure the medication gets into the ear canal.

Clean the side of the dog's head with a paper tissue to get rid of any excess ear drops.

Reward Your Dog with Treats

Always reward your dog with a treat and lots of appraising words. Your dog should perceive this procedure more like a task not a punishment. Giving a treat will make him cooperative the next time you will want to apply ear drops.

The ear drop treatment usually lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. You will have to get used to the ear drop applying routine as you will have to apply the drops once or twice a day. In some cases, such as the ear mites treatment, you will need to use a cleansing solution before applying the ear drops.

Even if only one ear is infected, ear drops might be needed in both ears for more effective treatment. Apply the drops to the unaffected ear first.

Get a proper diagnosis from your vet and use the drops prescribed by him. Don't apply ear drops without your vet's direction.