Administering Eye and Ear Drops for Dogs

Administering eye and ear drops for dogs requires at least one strong set of hands, a calm manner and medication prescribed by your veterinarian.

Guide to Applying Drops

  1. If your dog is calm in your lap you can apply the drops while sitting with him. If you need to restrain him, lay him on a table and place your arm across his body and hold his muzzle down. It may help to lay the dog on his side.
  2. If you are using your left arm to hold the dog, use your right hand to apply the medication. For eye drops, use your left finger to lower the eyelid and drop the required amount of drops into the pouch of the eye. If you have a helper to restrain the dog, hold the dog's head under the chin and open the eyelid with one hand while using the other to apply the drops, making sure not to poke the dog's eye.
  3. For ear drops, use your left arm to hold the dog down while holding his leg near the elbow. Gently but firmly keep his head down with your arm.
  4. With your right hand, pull back the ear flap or tuck longer ears under your arm to keep the area open. Insert the dropper a few millimeters into the ear canal. Be careful not to stick the bottle too far into the ear. Massage the base of the ear to allow the medication to pass through the canal.
  5. Comfort and praise your dog after applying drops to both eyes or ears and give him a treat.