Are There Dogs that Don’'t Cause Allergies?

Dogs can and do cause allergies in many people, and it can be utterly devastating to an avid dog lover to feel as though he may never be able to own a dog for fear of a life-threatening allergic reaction. Because of the biological conformation of dogs, there really aren't any dogs that are truly hypoallergenic. There are, however, dogs that can reduce the likelihood of allergic reaction in humans, and they are often the best choice for dog lovers that seriously suffer from allergies.

Cause of Allergic Reaction

The first thing to understand about allergic reactions to dogs is that some people cannot tolerate the allergens found in the saliva and skin cells of a dog. The key to finding a dog that will not irritate this sensitivity in humans is to find one that does release a great amount of saliva and one that either has very short hair or requires frequent bathing to remove the dander from the skin.

All of the dog breeds that fit into the hypoallergenic category are also very limited droolers, so they are good choices for an allergy sufferer. Some of the more hypoallergenic dog breeds that fit this profile include:


Poodles are most commonly recognized by their unusual and interesting grooming style combined with their short curly hair. While there are 3 types of poodles to choose from (toy, miniature and standard), this breed of dog is known for shedding minimal amounts of hair, even during the heat of the summer season. The makeup of their fur is different from most dogs in that poodles do not have double coats, which most other breeds have. Theoretically, this means that poodles only have one layer of hair, making them less likely to shed and making their coat much easier to care for. Because of the dense consistently of the poodle's hair, they require frequent bathing and coat maintenance. This is great for allergy sufferers because the dander that causes an allergic reaction is routinely removed through bathing.


Another great choice for allergy sufferers is the schnauzer. This dog is a loving family companion, dedicated to the family and protective of the children. The Schnauzer is another breed of dog that sheds very little. They have short coats but require regular coat maintenance because the consistency of their hair is prone to matting. Most Schnauzer owners will have their dogs stripped or shaved at least twice a year to help keep the coat in good condition. This reduces the dander that causes allergic reactions.


The Maltese is another breed, like the poodle, that does not have an undercoat. They tend to have long, silky coats which are often cut very short to reduce the amount of time that it takes to groom them. Because this breed does not have an undercoat, it is not prone to shedding as most other dog breeds are, making it one of the more hypoallergenic dog breeds.