Controlling Dog Dander Allergy Reactions

Dog dander allergy can occur in people with more sensitive immune systems. The allergic reactions can vary from subtle rashes to facial swelling and severe sneezing. The dog dander allergy reactions can be controlled with medication and by keeping your pet and the house clean.

1. Get Treatment

Allergies to dog dander cannot be treated but the symptoms may be managed. The main short term medications used for pet allergies include antihistamines and steroids. These will bring temporary relief. The only long term treatment that may reduce the allergy symptoms in time is the immunization therapy.

2. Keep the Dog Dander under Control 

The amount of dander shed by your dog depends on the dog’s skin health and his diet. Get shampoos and skin products that will moisturize your pet’s skin and a diet that won’t cause dry skin in your pet.

In addition, you should frequently clean your dog’s skin with a damp cloth to reduce the amount of dander shed.

3. Clean the House 

The dander the dog sheds is airborne and this can cause allergies. Cleaning the house regularly will eliminate the dander and reduce your allergies. You may also reduce the number of rugs and pillows that can gather dander.