Arthritis Relief for Dogs Using Cosequin

Dogs can get arthritis relief from Cosequin. As a dog ages, arthritis is a key concern, especially in larger dog breeds. Many veterinarians urge their clients to add Cosequin to their pet's diet. Within a few weeks, arthritis relief becomes apparent for arthritic dogs.

How Cosequin Works

Cosequin is a natural supplement containing chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and manganese ascorbate. The trio of ingredients works together to strengthen the fibers in dog joints and boost the enzymes within joint tissue that prevents deterioration during strenuous activity.

When used daily, the pills strengthen joint fibers offering arthritis pain relief. The capsules or tablets provide great relief for arthritis in dogs. They also show effectiveness in helping dogs more quickly recover from joint surgeries.

Cosequin Supplements

You purchase Cosequin supplements for dogs' arthritis relief in easy-to-swallow capsules or chewable tablets. You will find them online, in pet stores and in natural food stores selling pet foods and supplements.

Side Effects of Cosequin

After extensive studies, the only side effect of Cosequin supplements was digestive upset. When those pet owners gave the pill after a meal, that side effect disappeared. It's okay to mix Cosequin with food. In fact, you'll have no problem getting your pet to take the pill if you mix it with some canned food.