Over-the-Counter Dog Medicine

Over the counter dog medicine is available to suit a variety of different dog ailments. Because a prescription medication is not always the solvent to an ailment that your dog is experiencing, there are several medications which can be bought over the counter to help your dog with his condition.

Artificial Tears

Artificial Tears are used for the treatment of dry eye in dogs. The product is similar to regular eye drops in that it provides extra liquid for the eyes when the eyes are not producing enough liquid of their own. Dry eye is a condition which creates a lot of pain for your dog because his eyes do not produce a sufficient amount of liquid. This leads to very dry, irritated, red and painful eyes.

Artificial tears can be used up to four times per day; typically one to two drops at a time. It can also be used for an indefinite amount of time to treat the dry eye condition.


Clemastine is an over the counter medication which is used to treat minor irritations of seasonal allergies. It is an antihistamine and effectively helps to alleviate the symptoms of sneezing, watery eyes, congestion and hives. Clemastine can also be used to alleviate symptoms associated with the common cold.

It is important to remember that side effects are rare, but not impossible. However, because Clemastine is an antihistamine, it may make your dog a little drowsy shortly after he takes it. You should never give this medication to your dog if he has a serious condition of the heart.

Clemastine is given one to two times each day in pill format and can also be used for an indefinite period of time.

Cosequin Double Strength

Cosequin is made to help dogs who are suffering from arthritis or serious joint pain. It is a highly recommended joint supplement because it has a history of being extremely effective at treating joint pain. The main ingredients of Cosequin are glucosamine and chondroitin, which are known for helping to lubricate the joints and make them flow in an easier manner.

Cosequin can be purchased over the counter to help with the condition of arthritis, or simply as a supplement to help ensure the elimination of future issues with the joints. In most cases, Cosequin does need to be used for longer than a six week period before noticeable improvements can be seen.

It is given one time each day in pill format. Unlike comparable prescription medications, Cosequin is not known for causing any side effects.


Methigel is a non-prescription medication which is used to help treat infections of the bladder. The main ingredient in Methigel is Methionine, which helps to kill of unnecessary bacteria in the urinary tract. It is also an effective medication at treating excessive urinary odor which can be caused by infections of the bladder.

Methigel is a daily medication given in gel format. It can simply be placed on your dog's nose or mouth and your dog will naturally lick it off. Methigel is not a medication which should be used indefinitely, but rather a medication that can be used until the bladder infection has subsided.