Asthma Inhalers for Dogs

Asthma inhalers are recommended for dogs that have frequent asthma attacks. The inhalers can reduce the irritation and bring the dog's respiratory tract to normal. The asthma inhalers can be of several types and the most popular ones are meter dose inhalers, or MDIs.

Asthma Symptoms in Dogs

A dog that has asthma will present a dry cough, will be wheezing and possibly sneezing. There are a few factors that can trigger asthma attacks, and these vary from dog to dog. Some dogs may have frequent asthma attacks, while others may have one attack every 6 months or even less frequently, depending on what the dog is allergic to and how severe the irritation is. When the dog has an asthma attack, his airways will be narrowed and he will have problems breathing.

Asthma Inhalers for Dogs

The asthma inhalers for dogs were created on the same principles as the inhalers for humans with asthma or other conditions involving the inflammation of the respiratory tract (i.e., bronchitis or laryngitis). The asthma inhaler is a device, typically made of plastic, and will contain various drugs such as corticosteroids, antihistamines or beta 2 antagonists. The vet will recommend the drug that is best for your pet's condition, judging by his symptoms and the severity of the asthma.

The asthma inhaler will also contain a mask which will have to be placed on the dog's muzzle, while you spray the drug, which will help loosen up the respiratory tract and allow the dog to breathe normally again. The mask should be kept for up to 10 seconds or until you notice that the dog can breathe at a normal rate. The asthma inhaler should be filled with medication on a regular basis, so as to be prepared when the following asthma attack occurs.

The asthma inhalers target the respiratory tract directly and are considered to be more effective than asthma drugs, which will take some time to travel through the dog's system and get in the bloodstream. Asthma inhalers have fewer side effects than asthma medications, which can cause stomach problems.

How to Choose an Asthma Inhaler

Your vet may recommend a certain type of asthma inhaler. However, you may also look for an inhaler that is suitable for your dog's size and contains the drugs recommended for your pet when he has an asthma attack. There are meter dose inhalers, which will indicate the amount of drug you need to administer to your dog. These are more practical and you can avoid a medication overdose.

Does My Dog Need an Asthma Inhaler?

If your dog has common asthma attacks (more than once per week), you will need to have an inhaler and carry it with you at all times. However, even if your dog has less frequent asthma attacks, you might still want to buy an inhaler, because it can make him feel better and might even save his life.