Australian Labradoodle Grooming Tips

Australian Labradoodles are among the most popular breeds of dogs for anyone looking for an impressive looking and highly obedient, smart dog; be mindful, however, of the fact that Labradoodle grooming is a much more time intensive process than the grooming procedure for virtually every other popular breed on the market. There are several reasons for this. The primary one is that Labradoodles do not shed regularly. While this is, in many respects, a positive trait for a dog to have, it means that without the help of a groomer or a careful owner, the dog will have matted and uncomfortable fur. Read on for some basic Australian Labradoodle grooming tips.

Help to Rid the Dog of the Puppy Coat

Virtually all dogs have a dramatic change in their fur at some point in the early portion of their lives. This transition is the process by which a dog moves from having a puppy coat to having a full adult coat. For dogs that shed naturally, this process happens gradually and without the help of any owner or groomer. However, for Labradoodles it is necessary that you assist the dog in developing its adult coat. Most Labradoodles will shed their puppy coats at around 1 to 2 years of age. During this time, it's essential that you groom the dog regularly and brush him daily to help his body to lose the fur that he would otherwise be shedding.

Groom Daily

Labradoodles should be regularly brushed and groomed lightly. This should not require more than a few minutes of your time, but it must be done every day in order to ensure that your pet doesn't develop matted, dirty hair. If you begin this procedure when your dog is very young (between 2 and 4 months is a good time to begin), you'll find that he is comfortable and that he may actually even enjoy the procedure of being brushed daily.

Use the Proper Equipment

A good soft brush is the best tool to use to groom your dog. You should, however, have a firm metal brush as well. This will help you to remove any matted portions of hair that can still be combed through. If your dog develops large mats you will only hurt him by trying to comb through them. Rather than attempt this, it's a good idea to buy a pair of clippers to help cut the hair off of his body. With proper and regular brushing, however, your Labradoodle should not develop mats of this kind.

Bathe Frequently

A Labradoodle requires bathing about every one to two weeks in order to maintain proper coat lustre and cleanliness. Use a standard dog shampoo unless your pet has a known sensitivity to this product or another health condition that requires a different type of shampoo instead.

For more information about how to best care for and groom your Australian Labradoodle, as a veterinarian in your area.