Why Yogurt Dog Treats Should Be Avoided

Treats are fine in moderation, but dog owners should avoid yogurt dog treats as they can negatively impact the dog's health.

Lactose Is Bad for Dogs

Yogurt, just like other dairy products, contains lactose. Most dogs do not have a sufficient amount of the enzyme lactase in their systems to break down the lactose contained in dairy products. This can lead to pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), gas and diarrhea, causing great discomfort to the dog.

Avoid High Amounts of Sugar

Depending upon the yogurt used in the treats, it may contain either a high amount of sugar or Xilitol as a sweetener. High sugar levels can provide an ideal environment for bacterial growth, both in the mouth and in the stomach, causing an imbalance in the digestive process and again, causing the dog discomfort. Xilitol, an artificial sweetener contained in some diet foods, can cause a sudden drop in the dog's blood sugar, resulting in depression, loss of coordination and seizures. If allowed to go progress, it could cause death.

While some dogs tolerate small amounts of yogurt, either in treats or as a dietary supplement, it is best for the dog's overall well-being to avoid yogurt dog treats.