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Diet and Nutrition

One of the most important ways to prevent a wide variety of dog diseases and conditions is through proper dog diet and nutrition. What goes into your dog's body directly affects his physical and mental well-being. While it might not be easy to buy all of the right dog foods all of the time, even feeding your dog the best foods some of the time can help to avoid some of the most common diet-related conditions. If your dog has already been diagnosed with a disease such as cancer, diabetes, or anemia, altering his diet can play a part in his treatment regime. Your dog's age will also be a factor as you decide on his meal plan. A puppy's nutritional needs are different from an elderly dog's nutritional needs. Get the facts about the different kinds of dog diet and nutrition available on the market, what's the difference between each, suggested diet plans for particular diseases or ages, learn about what vitamins and supplements or how to properly switch your dog from one diet to another.

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