Bach Rescue Remedy for Dogs

Non-alcoholic Bach Rescue Remedy for Dogs helps soothe anxiety. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety during the day, Rescue Remedy is a safe, homeopathic alternative to prescription medications. The herbal formula provides soothing relief to stress and fear. You can go to work and not worry about your dog barking incessantly or destroying your home.

Rescue Remedy by Bach is also helpful at taming a depressed or excitable pet. If your pet is scared of loud noises like thunder, Rescue Remedy is a safe, effective solution. It's also useful at helping pets who are stressed by a move to a new home or animals that become nervous and snappy at the veterinary office.

About Dr. Bach Homeopathic Products

Dr. Bach Flower Remedies use ingredients found in nature. As a subsidiary of Directly By Nature, All Back remedies are homeopathic and completely safe to use. Because their products are all-nature, the age of your dog doesn't matter. Their products are safely used on babies and adults. The products are also used during pregnancy without risk to the fetus. In fact, many pet owners have found that Rescue Remedy is helpful at soothing a mother dog during labor.

Dangers of Allowing Canine Anxiety to Continue

Some dogs lash out when they are highly stressed. They might simply nip at their owner, but some become aggressive and attack other people or animals. If a fearful dog attacks another person or kills another animal, euthanization is a likely outcome. Not to mention, you may be forced to pay for damages your animal caused. Seeking a homeopathic remedy for your pet's stress is one way to avoid a tragic situation from occurring.

Ingredients in Bach Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy is a mixture of water, glycerin and essences from a variety of flowers. The flowers include:

  • Cherry Plum: Instills a sense of calm and control

  • Clematis: Fights negative thoughts and improves interest in surroundings

  • Impatiens: Increases patience

  • Rock Rose: Boosts courage and is calming, especially during a sense of crisis

  • Star of Bethlehem: Helps ease trauma and shock

Rescue Remedy from Dr. Bach is also available in a soothing cream. It contains the same flower essences as the oral tincture. It is useful for helping animals with irritating rashes, healing wounds or dry, itchy skin from parasites.

Dosing Instructions for Bach Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy is added directly to your dog's drinking water. Using the eye dropper, it's included with the bottle, place two drops of the homeopathic tincture into your dog's water bowl and fill with filtered water. Do this daily and you'll see your dog's stress levels decrease.

Where to Buy Bach Rescue Remedy Products

Many organic stores sell Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy for Pets. You'll find it in their health aisles. It's also sold online at many websites. You'll usually pay less than $15 for one 10-milliliter bottle or around $17 for a 20-milliliter bottle. As you use very little of the homeopathic remedy, one bottle should last you months. A 50 gram bottle of Rescue Remedy Cream is also available for approximately $14.