Herbal Anxiety Medication for Dogs

Herbal anxiety medication is often recommended in place of traditional medication because it is made from natural ingredients with few side effects and risk of long-term damage. There are hundreds of options available today of pills, drops and sprays that advertise natural stress relief for your dog.

Flower Essences

The Bach Flower Essences are a well-known remedy for many different dog problems, both physical and mental. Five of these are most well-known for reducing anxiety:

  • Cherry plum: Used for self-control and rationality
  • Clematis: Advertises the ability to promote happiness in dogs, allowing them to enjoy their surroundings more thoroughly
  • Impatiens: Promotes patience and relaxation in your anxious dog
  • Rock rose: Restores courage and promotes calm
  • Star of Bethlehem: Should be used after stress or trauma

The maker of the Flower Essences has also created a well-known anxiety concoction called Rescue Remedy. Rock rose is the primary ingredient in this mixture. Clematis and Impatiens are also used.

Recommended dosage depends on the size of your dog, but a drop or two at least a half hour before a stressful event is the most common usage.

Scull Cap

Scutellaria laterifolia (Scull cap) is one of the most well-known herbs for soothing the nervous system, which reduces a significant amount of your dog's anxiety. You can find this herb in the natural section of many pharmacies or natural grocery stores, or you can find it in many pet-specific products online.

Scull cap can be mixed with Kalium phosphate and Argentum nitricum, which treat sudden symptoms of stress, such as a traumatic event, or Valerian root and hops flower, two well-known sedatives, often used to reduce anxiety or insomnia in humans.

Amino Acids

L-Phenylalanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that also relaxes the nervous system. It has also been shown to stimulate the release of endorphins, which increase positive feelings in your dog. This property also allows it to work as a pain reliever and reduce depression.

L-Tryptophan is another naturally occurring amino acid that soothes the nervous system, the same one credited with causing that sleepy feeling after eating turkey. It regulates brain activity involved with aggression, hyperactivity and other mood disorders and is frequently used in conjunction with behavior training for dogs showing fear, anxiety or aggression. It can also be used to reduce pain and seizures.

Additional Herbs

Humans who suffer from anxiety have all heard of St. John's wort. It's also effective in treating anxiety in pets; however, it should be used in a concoction rather than alone as there is much debate as to whether it is more effective than a placebo.

Chamomile can also serve to relax your dog, working like a sedative, allowing your dog to relax and sleep better. This can be given in tea or pill form and is often offered in anxiety concoctions.

There are many types of herbal remedies available, but you don't want to try too many together. Consult your veterinarian about which would work best for your dog. If one doesn't work, try another. All dogs are different and may respond differently to treatment.