Bathing Tips for Itchy Dog Skin Treatment

Itchy dog skin can be caused by a multitude of factors. When bathing the dog, special care must be taken, as certain actions can worsen the condition while others can make your dog feel better. The dog must be handled gently and the bath water shouldn’t be too hot. There are also a number of solutions you can add to the bathwater, so that the dog will feel more comfortable.

The Choice of Shampoo for Itchy Dog Skin

When dealing with itchy skin, the shampoo must contain ingredients that are gentle to the skin. Oatmeal, St. John’s wort, burdock root and other anti inflammatory compounds are beneficial for the skin and will play an important role soothing the itchy skin.

Shampoos that contain harsh chemicals can irritate the skin more, so choose shampoos that have natural ingredients. Hypoallergenic shampoos can be recommended. The use of conditioner should be avoided, at least until the dog’s condition improves. The conditioner contains chemicals that could be harmful for the skin.

You can also get some bath rinses. Again, rinses that contain oatmeal can soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. 

There are also certain saline solutions or solutions that contain hydrocortisone that can be used to bring relief to itchy skin.

Lukewarm Water

The bath water should be lukewarm, as this will calm the dog. Hot water can cause more itchiness and discomfort in the dog. Cold water is also not recommended, as it may irritate the skin.

Always check the temperature of the water before you put the dog in the bath.

Don’t Scrub Irritated Skin

When handling the dog in the bath, make sure you use gentle moves. Scrubbing intensively, can irritate the skin and make it dry. Massage the skin with circular moves and don’t apply pressure on the skin. Use a soft bath glove, which can be used if the dog’s skin is irritated.

Gently Dry the Skin

When drying the dog’s skin, use a clean towel and don’t rub the skin. Pat the skin dry.

Using a blow dryer may not be recommended, as it can dry the dog’s skin and the hot air may also irritate the dog. If you need to use the blow dryer, make sure to set it on the lowest possible setting.

When to Bathe the Dog

A dog with itchy skin will have to get more frequent baths than usual. This is due to the fact that baths can help heal the skin and remove the possible allergens or infectious agents from the skin.

A bath may be necessary once every 2 days or even on a daily basis.

he bath should be taken before topical treatment is applied.

Dog itchy skin requires topical and oral treatment. However, in addition to these, the bathing can play an important part. Frequent baths in lukewarm water using hypoallergenic shampoos and applying gentle moves can help your pet get better. Don’t forget to avoid rubbing the dog’s skin when drying him.