Tips for Grooming Dogs with Sensitive Skin

Grooming dogs with sensitive skin involves choosing special shampoo and conditioner and following up with other types of topical treatments. Here are some tips to help turn regular grooming into treatment for sensitive skin. Dogs with sensitive skin develop rashes and hot spots really easily so sometimes grooming involves addressing these areas before a bath.

Remove Saliva Soaked Hair

A dog will bite and chew at any area of the skin that becomes irritated. Cutting away this hair will help the skin breathe without the wet hair causing constant irritation. You can get a good pair of dog clippers or a shaver but it's important to learn how to use them safely.

Use a Dog Bathing Brush or Glove

For dogs with sensitive skin, it's important to get rid of all the dead hair and give a thorough washing. A bathing brush with plastic teeth will help give a deep clean while stimulating the circulation and nutrients in the skin. A washing glove with a rough surface can serve the same purpose.

Pick a Soothing Shampoo

The best shampoo for a dog with sensitive skin contains oatmeal as well as other ingredients. Some shampoos include papaya, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids. These ingredients as well as tea tree can improve flaking, dry skin, and itchiness. If you scrub against the direction of the hair, you'll help stimulate the skin and rid your dog of the dead hair which contributes to any irritation.

Follow up with Conditioner

It's important to replace the moisture drawn out in the shampooing process. The best conditioner has a shea butter base and includes some of the ingredients listed above. A great conditioner will also include yucca, vitamin A, and aloe vera.

Grooming after the Bath

Once the skin is dry, it's important to treat any areas that seem red or irritated. There are powders that have anitihistamines or benadryl in them which will help alleviate inflammation. Probiotic powders with billions of friendly bacteria can provide immediate relief. The friendly bacteria actually feeds off the bacteria that may be causing the irritation in any specific area. 

Daily Grooming

Cleanliness and a regular grooming routine is especially important for a dog with sensitive skin. Using a good wire dog brush will help loosen up any dead hair and stimulate the skin and the circulation. You can also use disposable dog cleaning wipes between baths. Some of these include tea tree and moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated.

Regular Flea and Tick Control

This is an important aspect of grooming for a dog with sensitive skin. Fleas and ticks as well as chewing lice can irritate the skin and cause an allergic reaction. The best regime involves a topical treatment that kills fleas and their eggs while also controlling ticks and chewing lice.