The Benefits of Dry Dog Shampoo

Washing a dog can be a trying ordeal, particularly if your pet does not like getting wet or being scrubbed with water. Many pet owners have found that dry dog shampoo is a beneficial alternative to normal bathing products and practices. If your dog has an aversion to traditional baths, or if he has sensitive skin, a powder or waterless dog shampoo may be a smart investment.

Reasons to Consider Dry Dog Shampoo

Washing a dog may be a complicated and messy task, particularly if you have a medium or large breed. Occasionally, dogs may even become destructive or aggressive following attempts at washing. In these cases, a dry dog shampoo can help to eliminate grease and odor from your pet's hair without the hassle or risk associated with a traditional bath.

Dry dog shampoos are powdered products that are designed to be rubbed into your pet's coat. A dry shampoo absorbs dirt, grease and other particles from the fur. They are easy to apply and remove. Simply rub the powder into your dog's coat, wait for a specified duration of time, and brush the dry shampoo out of his hair.

Dry dog shampoos are excellent alternatives to bathing for dogs that are temperamental or anxious during normal baths. Some dogs experience allergic reactions or irritated skin in response to standard shampoos, and you may find that a dry shampoo eases these symptoms. Powdered shampoos also work well for pet owners with limited space or time. Dry dog shampoos are cheap, and you can make your own at home with a simple baking soda or corn starch recipe.

Other Considerations When using Dry Dog Shampoo

While dry shampoos may be a suitable alternative for your dog when it comes time for bathing, it is important to be aware of some of the limitations of them as well.

In some cases, dry shampoos may be significantly less effective at cleaning your dog's coat and skin than regular shampoos. Without at least occasional full baths, your dog may develop irritated skin or other sores. As a rule of thumb, give your dog a normal bath after every 4 dry shampoo baths.

Dry dog shampoos vary in quality. Some may irritate your pet's eyes, nose and mouth. Others may leave a white powder in your pet's hair. Still others may be difficult to remove from his coat with a brush.

Dry dog shampoos may be a smart alternative for your pet, depending upon his temperament and medical conditions, as well as the time, space and patience you have when it comes time for a bath. However, dry dog shampoos are not designed to be used as a total substitute for a normal bath. It's still important to bathe your dog with soap and water periodically, to maintain the cleanliness of his skin and coat. Your veterinarian or local pet supply store can recommend a suitable brand of dry pet shampoo for your needs.