Cat Allergy Shampoo

Bathing your cat in an allergy shampoo helps soothe itchy skin conditions. The shampoo you use on your cat depends on the condition you are trying to treat. Discover highly rated brands and learn how to safely bathe your pet.

Doctors Foster and Smith Oatmeal Allergy Shampoo

Priced for most budgets, Doctors Foster and Smith's Oatmeal anti-allergen shampoo is designed for a cat's fur and skin. The shampoo and conditioner line is pH balanced and includes oatmeal and chamomile to relieve itchy, dry skin. It adds vitamins A and D to help moisturize the skin.

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Shampoo

The pet-friendly Ecology Works Anti-Allergen shampoo is non-toxic and avoids harmful chemicals found in human shampoos. The cat allergy shampoo uses aloe vera to soothe the pet's itchy skin and includes Neem Tree extract to repel biting insect. If your cat's skin allergies are due to flea bites, this shampoo helps keep fleas away.

The cat shampoo adds conditioners to moisturize your cat's coat and keep pet dander to a minimum.

OUT! Natural No Rinse Cat Allergy Shampoo

When your cat simply will not stand being washed with water, OUT! Natural No Rinse cat shampoo is a suitable choice. The no-rinse cat shampoo is non-toxic and contains chamomile to help relieve itchy skin. In addition, lavender helps soothe the cat's stress while you rub the foam into his coat and then brush him.

The no-rinse allergy shampoo contains vitamins to help moisturize skin. Best of all, it's safe for kittens too.

Making the Most of Bathing Your Cat

For your safety, it's best to wear gloves when you are washing your cat. You're bound to get a number of scratches up your arms if you skip this step. Gloves that go up to your elbows are best. Gather you materials before you get started, you'll need:

  • Cat brush

  • Cat-safe shampoo

  • Dry towels

  • Pitchers

Bathing your cat in an enclosed room will help keep him from escaping in the middle of a bath. Consider heating the bathroom up first with a space heater to prevent any chills. Fill the bottom of the tub with an inch of water and shut the water off. Fill up a few pitchers with the water at the same time and set them aside. You'll find that cats struggle less if they don't hear water running.

Use a cup to wet your pet's fur and then use the cat allergy shampoo making sure all areas of the body are sudsy. Rinse the cat using the water you set aside in the pitchers.

Wrap the cat in a towel and dry him off as much as possible. Now's a good time to give him treats as a reward for enduring the bathing process.

If your cat doesn't mind the noise of a hairdryer, you can dry him off as much as possible, but it's not worth the extra stress if the cat is fearful of the noise. Brush his coat before turning him loose to remove any loose fur. Allow him to go off and groom himself in a warm area.