24 Best Dogs for Allergies: Love More and Sneeze Less

Believe it or not, there really is a select group of canines that currently hold the title "best dogs for allergies." Some are purebreds and others are special crossbreeds. Called "hypoallergenic dogs," these canines benefit the more than 50 million Americans that suffer from allergies but who also want to own a dog. There are a number of breeds and crossbreeds to choose from, so continue reading to find out the best dogs for allergies and the worst.

What are the best dogs for allergies?

Some of the best dogs for allergies are dogs that produce less dander and dogs that don't tend to drool. it's not actual dog hair that causes an allergic reaction, but rather saliva and dander. Some of the best dogs for allergies are:

AffenPoo (crossbreed) Airedale Terrier Bascotti (crossbreed) Basenji Bea-Tzu Bedlington Terrier Bouvier des Flandres Cairn Terrier Chihuahua Chinese Crested Cockapoo (crossbreed) Coton De Tulear Italian Greyhound Labradoodle (crossbreed) LhasaPoo (crossbreed) Maltese MaltiPoo (crossbreed) Old English Sheepdog Poodle and most poodle mixes Schnauzer Scotchon (crossbreed) Taco Terrier (crossbreed) Yorkshire Terrier

What are some of the worse dogs for allergies?

Dogs that may not be agreeable with most allergy sufferers are not "bad breeds." These dogs tend to produce an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals more often because they might shed more, produce more dander, and their saliva might contain more of the protein produced by the sebaceous glands that causes an allergic reaction. Dogs that tend to "trigger" allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals include:

Afghan Hound Basset Hound Dachshund Doberman Pinscher German Shepherd Springer Spaniel

How do I should I choose the best dog for allergies?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the best dog for allergies is, not all hypoallergenic dogs are 100% allergy free. You really won't know if you will have a reaction to the dog until you have spent some time with him. In some allergic individuals, allergic reactions can be immediate, in others they can be delayed. Plan to spend several hours interacting with the dog before taking him home. Even better, ask if you can take the dog home for several days. Many breeders are perfectly fine with allowing potential pet parents the opportunity to "test" the pet. In addition, many breeders of and pet stores that carry hypoallergenic dogs will offer a money back guarantee or an acceptable return policy.