The Best Dogs for Allergies and Asthma Afflicted Owners

Unfortunately, humans develop allergies to dogs and there are a lot of owners that abandon their pets due to their allergies. There has been talk about the best dogs for allergies and asthma afflicted owners and whether non allergenic dogs exist. However, there are a few dogs that have shorter hair and produce less dander, so these breeds may be more recommended for people with asthma or allergies.

Canine Allergens

Understanding what the canine allergens are can help you understand why some dog breeds are more suitable for people with asthma or allergies.

The allergens in dogs that cause negative reactions in humans are dander, saliva and urine; more precisely, there is a glycoprotein that is present in the dog dander, saliva and urine that will cause the allergies in humans. The amount of glycoprotein in the dog saliva and urine is negligible. 

Consequently, all dogs produce allergens, so the only dogs that will cause fewer allergic reactions are the dogs that produce less dander and salivate less.

In people with asthma, the hair may produce allergic reactions, so short haired breeds or hairless breeds may be more recommended.

Low Allergenic Dogs

There are a few canine breeds that are known to produce less dander; however, the amount of dander produced by each dog may vary according to the diet and their skin and coat’s health. Some low dander breeds include:

  • Dogs with wired coat or curly coat such as the Puli or the Griffon
  • Dogs with a single coat such as the Boston Terrier
  • Terrier breeds such as the Kerry Blue Terriers
  • Short coated dogs such as the Spotted Dalmatian or the Harlequin Great Dane

The amount of dander a dog sheds may also depend on the frequency of the baths and even the type of shampoo used; a dog that is bathed more rarely may produce more dander. Hypoallergenic shampoos are recommended to reduce the amount of dander produced by the dog.

The hairless breeds may produce fewer allergic reactions in people suffering from asthma, as the hair may get stuck in the nasal and air passages and cause an asthma attack. Some hairless breeds include:

  • The hairless terrier
  • The Peruvian hairless
  • The normal or miniature Xoloitzcuintli

Breeds that Produce More Dander

Even if the amount of dander shed by each dog depends on several factors, there are a few dog breeds that are said to produce more dander, due to genetic factors and their anatomy or the type of the skin. Shar Peis or Cocker spaniels may produce more dander and are also more susceptible to getting skin diseases.

Reducing Dog Allergies

Sensitive people and people with asthma may be dog owners, as there are a few ways to reduce the negative reactions to dog dander and hair.

Frequent dog baths will reduce the amount of dander and hair the dog sheds; a bi-weekly cleaning will also remove the dander. Air purifiers can also help.

In addition, the dog should also get a proper diet that contains a lot of fatty acids and oils, to preserve their skin’s health and reduce the amount of dander shed.