Choosing the Best Cat Flea Tick Medicine

There are 4 primary steps in controlling cat flea and tick problems in your home. This article will briefly discuss removing ticks from the cat, cat tick collars, cat flea symptoms and feline ear mites.

Cat Flea Symptoms

If you notice your cat biting suddenly at his skin, he probably has fleas. You’ll also notice flea dust in the form of black dust or white flakes on cat bedding and furniture.

Removing Ticks from a Cat

The first step is to remove ticks and fleas. To remove ticks from a cat, first put some Vaseline on the skin where the tick has burrowed. Use tweezers and make sure to pull out the entire tick. Immediately put the tick in alcohol or burn it with a match. For fleas, a flea comb or flea dip at the vets is the best way to remove these parasites.

Cleaning Your Home

The second step involves a thorough house cleaning and washing all pet bedding. You can use flea spray in the corners or spray warm water with a strong concentration of lavender and other oils that choke the fleas.

Cat Tick Collar

Buying a cat flea and tick collar is the next step unless you decide to apply a topical flea and tick medicine. Stick to a monthly regime with these medicines to prevent another infestation.

Feline Ear Mites

The last step involves cleaning the cats ears to remove mites which appear as dark dirt in the ears. Use a soft cue tip and stay in the outer layer of the ear. Then follow up with a ear mite wash for cats.