Cat Flea and Tick Control in 4 Steps

There are 4 steps to thorough cat flea and tick control for your home. This includes removing ticks from your cat, removing feline ear mites, bathing the cat, and getting a cat tick collar or flea and tick medicine. These steps will eliminate cat flea symptoms and prevent further infestation.

Identify Cat Flea Symptoms

A cat who has fleas will show a variety of symptoms, particularly if she is allergic. She will suddenly gnaw on her skin and will scratch more than usual. You may find dark-colored dust-like particles on your cat. You may also find little bits on white flecks on the cat. If you see these symptoms, you can still get the situation under control but preventative control is the best idea. Start your cat on a topical, monthly flea regimen as soon as you adopt her.

1. Removing Ticks

There is a very specific way to safely remove a tick from a cat. If you grab the tick with tweezers and pull it out in a straight, swift motion, you should get the whole tick without leaving the head in the cat. Immediately put the tick in alcohol which is the only substance that will kill this incredibly resilient parasite. Putting peanut butter or Vaseline on the tick before pulling it out will suffocate it first so the head comes out.

2. Removing Feline Ear Mites

Removing feline ear mites is an important part of controlling parasites in your home. Use a soft cue tip and gently clean out your cat's ear. Don't go any deeper than the first section of the ear and stop if your cat expresses pain. Then use a vet approved cleaning solution twice per day.

3. Flea Bath

Once all the ticks are removed from your cat, a vet should do a special bath called a flea dip or flea and tick bath. While your cat is getting the bath at the vet's, it's a good idea to do a flea bomb or thorough spraying of the surfaces in your home, provided that no other pets or children are present.

4. Cat Collars and Flea or Tick Medicine

A flea and tick collar or flea and tick medicine for cats will keep these parasites off your cat. If you choose to try a combination of the collar and medicine, make sure that this is safe for your cat. A good topical flea and tick medicine applied monthly is enough to control fleas and ticks.