Selecting the Best Clumping Litter

Clumping litter can be an easy and convenient option, because it lasts longer than non-clumping litter and offers a much higher level of odor control. But not all clumping litters are of equal effectiveness. Here's how you can choose the best one.

Know What You Need

Your clumping litter needs will vary depending on circumstance. If you have multiple cats, choose a multi-cat litter. Even if you have only one cat but are concerned about obtaining the maximum level of odor control, a multi-cat litter might be best for you.

A familiarity with your cat's toilet habits can also help. Some cats may use the litter box more often than others, so you'll need a higher level of odor control for those cats.

Beware of Sodium Bentonite Clay Litter

If you're concerned about the possible dangers of clumping litter made with sodium bentonite clay, you can choose a disposable cat litter such as Swheat Scoop, which is clay and chemical free. Biodegradable litters are not only perfectly safe for your cat and your household, but are healthier for the earth. Natural cat litters use substances that would otherwise take up space in landfills, and many can be flushed down the toilet or used as mulch.

If you have a young kitten, clumping cat litter made with sodium bentonite clay may be dangerous, as kittens are known to occasionally eat cat litter.

See What Litter Your Cat Likes

You might need to shop around and experiment a little to find the litter that works for you. Your cat may not like every litter; some cats are put off by certain smells and textures.