Important Considerations for Scoopable Cat Litter

Your choice in a cat litter should be based on its effectiveness, odor control ability, and sanitary benefits. A scoop-able cat litter, for example, is one of the more convenient choices as it allows for easy disposal. Should you decide to use a scoop-able litter, be sure to read the information bellow which will help you pick the best scoop-able litter for your cat and your budget.

Your Cat's Preference

Your cat's preference should be the first thing you consider when shopping for scoop-able cat litter. Some cats may dislike a litter based on smell, texture, or appearance. Buy a litter that your cat will find appealing and be comfortable with using. If you don't know or aren't sure of your cat's preference, choose an unscented litter, as many cats are put off by the scents manufacturers use. A sand-like litter or a litter made with small granules should be adequate for your cat.

Your Own Preference

If you prefer a litter that offers high odor control, a multi-cat or scented litter might be the right choice. However, if you remove lumps daily, any scoop-able cat litter will provide a high level of odor control. If you or your cat have respiratory problems, choose a dust-free litter which prevents the litter from creating debris when you remove your cat's waste. Although you should keep your cat's preference in mind, you should also stick to your budget and search for a product that suits your home as well as your cat.

Your Cat's Safety

Clay clumping litters are made with sodium bentonite clay, a naturally occurring clay that expands to fifteen times its size when wet. If your cat ingests this clay, or even licks the dust from his fur, then it could expand inside his or her body and cause an intestinal blockage that could be fatal. This is especially dangerous for young kittens, who are prone to eat cat litter out of curiosity. A young kitten doesn't need to eat much sodium bentonite clay to give himself a deadly blockage, so clumping litters made with clay are safe only for adult cats.

Environmental Considerations

Safe cat litters are made with biodegradable, environmentally friendly ingredients such as wheat and corn. Safe clumping cat litter can even be flushed down the toilet, which is a more hygienic option than disposal in the trash. Additionally, flushing the litter helps to save space in landfills and thereby helps the environment.