What Is the Best Dog Constipation Remedy?

Constipation in dogs is a problem that's uncomfortable for dogs and owners alike. Finding a dog constipation remedy that works will not only alleviate discomfort for all involved, but may prevent further bouts of constipation in the future. Many factors may contribute to this condition, and finding the best dog constipation remedy for your family will depend on several factors including your dog's diet, any allergies and preferences of both dog and owner.

Prolonged constipation in dogs can result in loss of appetite, vomiting and depression. Some families may experience success using natural home methods and remedies before consulting a veterinary professional. Introducing exercise and making dietary changes to promote an increase in overall health of the dog are also recommended.

Dietary Changes

Poor diet is one of the most common causes for dog constipation. A diet low in fiber is the main cause, however, your dog's consumption of things such as bones, sand, hair and other substances may contribute. You may want to make long-term dietary changes including adding more fiber, occasionally serving fresh fruit or vegetables, and limiting the amount of foreign substances your dog consumes. However, there are several things you can do on a temporary basis to help ease constipation in your dog.

Canned Pumpkin

Serving dogs canned pumpkin, without added spices or fillers, is an excellent dog constipation remedy. Pure canned pumpkin contains a healthy dose of fiber and water combined. Dogs enjoy the taste of pumpkin so they will likely welcome pumpkin as a treat.

Wet Canned Food

If your dog's normal daily food is dry, try switching to wet canned food with a higher fiber content. Foods with low grain content and higher fiber are easier for your dog to digest, resulting in regulation of bowel movements and less chance for constipation. Increase in water intake is helpful in alleviating constipation.

Home Remedies

Before opting for short or long-term medication, there are a few home remedies you may wish to try. Adding olive oil or mineral oil to your dog's food is a great way to ease constipation. You may also use fiber supplements, but be sure to check the label. Many of the fiber supplements available at your local grocery store contain sugar or artificial substances. An organic fiber supplement such as Psyllium can be given as a great dog constipation remedy.

Herbal Remedies

There are many herbal products on the market that will make great alternative options for a dog constipation remedy. Powdered Ginger is used to treat many digestive problems which may be contributing to constipation in your dog. Add Ginger to dog food or chicken broth. Aloe Vera Juice used in very small amounts can also be mixed with food or water.

Severe Constipation

If constipation has become severe and is resulting in other side-effects, there are alternatives that should be discussed with your veterinarian. Enemas can be used, but take care not to select over-the-counter enemas, as they may be toxic to your dog. You may wish to learn about abdominal palpation to detect constipation, or you may be directed to the use of laxatives or suppositories. Always be sure you are aware of side-effects, ingredients and proper procedures before selecting a dog constipation remedy for your family.