Best Kitten Breeds for Households With Dogs

Any dog owner should exercise caution before selecting a pet cat. Some kitten breeds fare better along with dogs, and a dog that is friendly toward human beings may not be the best cat dog. In addition to assessing your dog's temperament and aggression toward cats, take the time to understand the best cat breeds to introduce to a home with dogs.

Successfully introducing a cat to a home with one or more dogs is dependant on a number of factors. Most important of all are the personalities of the animals in question. If your dog displays aggressive behavior toward humans, cats or other dogs, he may not be a suitable cat dog. Similarly, if the cat that you are introducing into your home is territorial or fearful of dogs, it may be better to select another cat.

Selecting the Appropriate Kitten Breed

Certain breeds of cats tend to be friendlier toward both humans and dogs. Pedigree cats of the Abyssinian, Birman, Burmese, exotic shorthair, manx and Persian breeds tend to bond quickly with human owners and interact well with dogs and other pets. These cats are typically not fearful of dogs and will respond calmly to your dog's chases or attempts at playing.

For the greatest chances of success at introducing a kitten or cat into a home with dogs, bring the cat into the house at an early age. Younger cats tend to adapt to life with dogs with greater ease than older cats, and cats also have a tendency to become more protective of their territory with age.

Determining If Your Pets Will Tolerate Each Other

Before introducing a new pet into your home, conduct a trial run. Take your dog to the home of a friend with cats, or to a park where he may interact with other dogs. Gauge his friendliness and propensity for aggression. Dogs that enjoy chasing may not tolerate kittens well, and it is not uncommon for certain dogs to chase and even kill cats in the home.

If you are adopting a cat or have access to the kitten before bringing him into your home permanently, take the time to carefully introduce him to any other pets in your house. This will allow you to gauge all of the animals' reactions.

Introducing Your Pets Appropriately

When first introducing a new kitten to a home with dogs, it's best to not force any interaction. Monitor the kitten carefully as he explores the house, and consider only allowing him to explore one or two rooms at a time. As this is happening, leave your other pets free to roam about the house as normal. Stay close by to ensure that you are able to protect the kitten if your dog displays aggressive behavior.

If you take the time to gauge your dog's personality and propensity for aggression toward cats, and if you select the proper breed and individual cat, you stand a good chance of a successful pet interaction in your home. Additionally, if you take the proper care and precautions when bringing a new kitten into your home, you may find that your pets not only tolerate one another, but in fact form friendly bonds over time.