Buspar for Cats

BuSpar is a brand name medicine of the generic drug called buspirone HCl. This medicine is typically used for cats to help treat certain behavior and temperament issues. While the tradition in veterinary medicine has previously been to avoid addressing behavior issues in pets, more and more vets are now prescribing medicines like BuSpar to help alleviate stress, anxiety and other potentially harmful or uncomfortable emotions and behaviors as well. Read on for a brief guide to how BuSpar can help to treat your pet's behavior issues and how to use this drug safely and effectively.

BuSpar for Cats Overview

The exact effects of buspirone HCl are not entirely well known. It has been observed that this drug interacts with the serotonin receptors in your cat's brain to produce the effect of reducing your pet's anxiety and fear. However, it has yet to be determined exactly what mechanism causes buspirone HCl to have this effect on your pet. Buspirone does not have any effectiveness as a muscle relaxant or as an anti-seizure drug. Rather, it is used to reduce stress and anxiety in cats.

BuSpar is approved and tested for use in humans only, although veterinarians are allowed to prescribe it in certain cases for cats. Because it does require a prescription, and because the exact effects of the medicine are not known entirely, it's important that you work closely with a vet to be sure that your pet is receiving a proper and healthy dose of the medicine and that no side effects are occurring.

Using BuSpar for Your Pet

BuSpar is generally provided in tablet form. These tablets can be ground up in certain quantities and mixed in with your cat's food. They can also be included along with a pet treat that you give to your cat as well. If your cat doesn't like the taste of the tablets, consult with your vet for additional advice on how to best provide the medicine.

The exact dosage of the BuSpar that you give to your cat will be dependent upon his size, age, breed and overall health. It's typically provided in a dose of about 5 mg given twice per day.

Side Effects and Other Concerns

If your cat has liver or kidney damage or disease, it's important that you not give him this drug. Before starting the BuSpar treatment program, it's a good idea to inform your vet of any and all existing medicines and conditions that your pet may have. While BuSpar is generally safe for use with your cat, it may cause some side effects. The potential side effects include:

  • Increased aggression
  • Increased playfulness and activity levels
  • Hyperactivity

Monitoring your pet's behavior after initially providing him with BuSpar can help to determine whether the dosage will need to be adjusted. If your cat displays any signs of an allergic reaction to the drug, discontinue the regimen immediately and take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.