Canine Autoimmune Disease

Canine autoimmune disease occurs when there is a defect in the immune system due to an underlying health condition. The main function of the immune system is to create antibodies to fight against invaders that could potentially harm the body's cells and organs. However, when the immune system becomes impaired, it becomes confused and begins attacking the body's own normal cells and organs, mistaking them for foreign invaders. This is known as canine autoimmune disease.

Causes of Canine Autoimmune Disease

The exact cause of canine autoimmune disease remains unidentified. However, it is suspected that there are certain factors which can contribute to the development of autoimmune disease. They include:

The direct causes of autoimmune disease can only be speculated. But it is known that there is no limit to what this disease can do when the immune system is misled. Autoimmune disease can be secluded to affect only one organ of the body, or it can spread to affect multiple systems within the body.

Symptoms of Canine Autoimmune Disease

Symptoms of an autoimmune disease are numerous and confusing. Because they are so similar to symptoms of other conditions, it can be difficult for dog owners to recognize an autoimmune disease. Likewise, the symptoms shown by your dog will vary depending upon the affected area of the body. However, if any of the following symptoms are noticed, it is cause for evaluation.

Effects of Canine Autoimmune Disease on Your Dog

Not only can the initial symptoms of this disease wreak havoc on your dog, autoimmune disease has the potential to cause an array of other conditions. Some of them include:

The effects of this disease on your dog are numerous because the misguided immune system is developing auto-anitbodies against the normal organs of the body; causing their eventual shutdown. The immune system is still functioning as it believes it should be, by destroying foreign invaders. The immune system will continue to work hard at this destruction, which can have devastating effects on your dog.

Treatment and Prevention of Canine Autoimmune Disease

Treatment of the disease itself cannot be had. There is no way to reverse what the immune system has been misled to do. Likewise, there is no way to reverse what the immune system will continue to do. However, the conditions that canine autoimmune disease has caused are certainly treatable, in most cases. Medications and rehabilitation of whichever condition your dog has been effected by as a result of this disease are certainly viable.

Although the autoimmune disease cannot be reversed, the immune system itself can be strengthened. The key to a healthy immune system is healthy nutrition that is in favor of providing support to the immune system. Fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics are all essential to the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics can be found in high quality dog foods, as well as supplementary. If your dog does have an autoimmune disease, it is important to consider feeding supplements to help the immune system remain strong.