The 7 Most Effective Flea and Tick Treatment Techniques

Flea and tick pet parasites are carriers of multiple diseases. These parasites occur frequently in pets and feed on their blood. To avoid diseases associated with fleas and ticks and anemia, try some effective methods to get rid of these parasites. It is recommended to combine two or more methods, to make sure the parasites are gone for good.

1. Flea Drops

Both for cats and dogs, flea drops are very efficient in eliminating fleas and ticks. Flea drops contain insecticides and can be put on your pet's fur to kill the fleas or the ticks.

2. Natural Remedies

There are a few plants that can keep the fleas away from your pet's coat. Use eucalyptus leaves and rub these against your pet's skin or even easier, use eucalyptus essence. The fleas don't like the fresh scent of the eucalyptus.

An alternative flea repellent is borax, a non-toxic solution. Borax will keep the fleas at a considerable distance from your cat or dog.

For tick repellent, use Rose Geranium and put this in your pet's collar.

An essential oil known as tick-weed is also efficient in getting rid of fleas. You can spread a few drops of these essential oils on your carpets, couches or drapes.

3. Flea Collars

Flea collars are frequently used to get rid of parasites such as fleas. The collar keeps the fleas away and prevents future bites. It might be recommended that the cat is treated first and all the fleas are gone from his coat. After that the flea collar can do a good job.

4. Flea Sprays and Powders

Flea sprays and powders have the power of keeping the parasites away. They contain insecticides and efficiently eliminate fleas.

5. Flea Shampoo

During the entire anti-flea or tick treatment, vets recommend the replacement of your pet shampoo with a flea shampoo that contains insecticides. The shampoo formula is gentle on the skin. However, there may be allergic reactions to the insecticides. In this case, try using the powder or the flea sprays, which cause fewer irritations.

6. Clean Your Home

Even if you get rid of the fleas from your pet, you may notice that they reoccur. This is because fleas hide in carpets, drapes and pillows, and can reinfect your pet if you fail to clean your home.

Use chemicals to burn the fleas and their offspring. You can use borax as a natural, non-toxic solution. Vacuum your home thoroughly, keeping in mind that even corners should be cleaned.

You can even replace your carpets if you fear that the old ones cannot be properly cleaned.

7. Garden Cleaning

Fleas may also hide in the garden. If you're on an anti-flea treatment, make sure to clean your garden as well, to ensure that the fleas and the ticks are gone. Give your pet a flea collar that will make the fleas stay away from him.