Lowering the Risk of Canine Bone Cancer Through Anxtioxidants

Canine bone cancer is a condition that tends to develop in older dogs and is often thought of by most owners as something that just occurs due to aging. The truth is that cancer and most other diseases are caused through a process called oxidative stress.

Biopsy Often Necessary to Determine Cancer

Dog lumps on the body may or may not be carcinoma cancer, and only a biopsy can determine whether or not the lumps are cancerous and what type of cancer they are. Once the type of cancer is determined it is easier to decide on a course of treatment.

Antioxidants Can Slow Growth of Cancer

With a bone cancer diagnosis, increased intake of antioxidants in your dog's diet can help slow the growth of the cancer, although it won't make the tumor go away. Increased intake of antioxidants can prolong the life of your dog by fighting the continued and increased oxidative stress caused by the cancerous tumor and environmental factors.

To provide your dog with increased antioxidants, provide him with an organic diet rich in antioxidants. Also speak to a holistic veterinarian about alternative treatments that include herbs high in antioxidants and other antioxidant supplements that are available.