Canine Diet Tips for Weight Control

If you can't feel your dog's ribs when you run your hands down her sides, it's time for a canine diet. Obesity in dogs causes health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain. To increase your pet's health and comfort, reduce her weight slowly with a canine diet food.

Canine Diet Food

Commercial dog diet formulation contains more fiber and fewer calories. For best results, measure your dog's food - guessing can lead to overfeeding.

Lower calorie dog foods such as Hill's Diet (available in commercial or veterinary formulations) can help your pet achieve a healthy weight. Prescription foods are also available for dogs suffering from weight-related conditions, such as heart and joint disease.


Other tips to help your dog lose weight are:

  • Exercise. Even light activity will increase your dog's stamina and help her lose weight.
  • Watch the snacks. Too many empty calories in the form of biscuits and treats can put on the pounds. Try carrot pieces instead.
  • Replace some kibble with vegetables. Most dogs will accept carrots, cooked green beans, and corn.
  • Hydrate. Make sure your dog has unlimited access to fresh water. Add a little unsalted chicken broth to her meals to increase fluid intake and help her feel fuller, faster.

Follow the guidelines above, and help your pooch reach a healthy weight!