Care for Your Dog: Canine Health Check Up Checklist

Dog canine health can be easily maintained with yearly check ups. But how can you prepare yourself for a canine check up? What should happen at your dog's yearly check up? Read on to find out.

Advance Preparations

Before you leave for your dog's annual health check up, you should secure a stool sample. Your vet can examine this for hookworms, roundworms and other intestinal parasites. These types of parasites are very common, but easily treatable.

Also, make notes about any canine health questions you may have. Your dog's yearly canine health check up is your opportunity to discuss concerns, clear up any confusion and obtain any medication your dog might need for fleas, ticks, heartworms or intestinal parasites.

Basic Exam

During the exam, your vet should take your dog's temperature. He should examine your dog's mucus membranes and ears. He should palpitate your dog's abdomen to check for abnormalities in the internal organs. He should weigh your dog.

Dental Exam

Your dog's yearly canine health check up should include a dental exam and dental cleaning. Proper dental care can go a long way towards preserving your dog's good health.