Essential Dog and Cat Health Care for New Pet Owners

Dog and cat health might be a mystery if it's your first time owning a pet. Here are some basic guidelines to help clear up any confusion you might have.

Vaccinations Are Important

Proper vaccinations are probably the most important thing you can do to care for your dog or cat's health. Make sure your puppy or kitten receives all his shots on time; yearly boosters are just as important. If you're adopting an adult animal and aren't sure whether he's had his shots, have them administered again just to be safe.

Yearly Check-Ups Are Key

Yearly veterinary check-ups are a cornerstone of dog and cat health. Make sure these exams include dental check-ups and dental cleaning.

Diet and Exercise Go A Long Way

At home, the best thing you can do to maintain your dog or cat's health is make sure he eats a balanced diet and gets plenty of exercise. Prepared pet foods already contain all the nutrition your dog or cat needs, but remember not to feed your pet table scraps, as these can cause obesity and stomach upsets. Also, don't give him too many treats.

Exercise keeps your dog or cat fit and slim. Walk your dog; play with your cat.